« The World is Over ! Or... Not : If you want it... » 

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The Logbook of "The World is Over!" : (Il n'y pas de version française pour l'instant mais un article ici)
Wrote between the 1st April 2020 and the 17th June 2020, it need to be complete a little, because at one point it jumps straight to the end. But it's more to give an idea of what is the creation process behind. Of course as for the Necktar serie the compilation is only one side of a lot more holistic process.

A-Side Logbook.
Few words about this audio ordeal. I'll try to understand why someone is pushing on one side or the other but I'm only the concierge, so you are the only judge of if it's a good reason for humanity to stop or not.
When I received « A prayer for the living », I understood that it will be difficult to hide longer the secret meaning of this project. Humanity contains this paradox : we've got the both sides inside and an infinite of variations. Humanity is like an organism contaminated by a terrible virus : to believe that we have no choice, that we are mono dimentional being instead of a nearly infinite being. What I call to dream alive, is to write ourself who we are by our choices, the narration is a projection of dream into the life, thus we are able to access the free will. Without this we can only be kind of robots, action/reaction, a consequences life, following the map draw by our genetics, family, teachers, life experiences, system of values &beliefs, in one word : programmated.
Perhaps projection is not the right word because in that case it could be just fantasies, instead of what it is feed by the experience of life, so extension seems a better word. Anyway this is just my theorie, I hate theories, really, because theories mostly are use to feelful our need to be reinforced in our beliefs. To stamp labels over our identitie. I think everyone is able to make his own understanding from the experience of life, and this teaching would be better than any teacher or book. Then I share my thoughs with you but be sure to do not follow them, think by yourself, that's better. "Prayer for the living" tells exactly that we love life, and if humanity is only able to follow the destruction path, turning the world in that hellish nightmare, it's better to stop. But is it the humanity the problem or that humanity llost her confidence in to her ability to follow the creation path ?
Also I think "Dogma" shows how we are stuck when we forget that everything changes and because of several experiences the groove turns into a furrow and same way each time we do the easy choice because other did it or by lazyness, our being is less flexible, less mobile, less alive and if we stay blind... that's the way we soon digg our grave. 

One day, someone called this project "an odious project" on Internet Archive. But what is odious ? That a economic system leads us to this shit and next take the benefit ? Everything looks like this system is at its end, but It take that opportunity to make everything continue. People at the top are nore wolves than we are lambs, no need to insult animals, but to reach the top they need to be with the less empathy possible. While coranavirus crisis, these nasty simulators are crying crocodile tears, like if this was not the consequences of their greed. They are just as dangerous that anything in disguise trying to manipulate you for their own benefit to increase thier power. If you read this you may know it, perhaps the blackboard is not that much dark. Anyone seeking answers knows this is more or less this sickness. Halas there is so many blinded people manipulated by these politicians. How to face to this ?
There is no perfect answer, but perhaps what we are doing is a way to try to answer. When there is a hugge disruption in your life, every certainty fall and then you are able to open your eyes and to do be no more a deadleaf in the stream, but to fly in any directions. And each time someone do it, the deadleafs see that there is a way. To be free is not to avoid the contraints, to be free is to make choices, real choices, including the full scale of possibility, despite it could seems chocking to choose to stop humanity. Thinking about it, is not necessary doing it, and sometimes it’s the better way to make the decisive move which will makes the changes.

Something important that the sound friends involve in necktar 2017 know is that any time I draw a project, rules are here mostly to be subvert. I give an impulse, but this kind of creation can’t be done without a perfect mix between chaos and order. It’s a strange exercice about how to let anyone involve in shapping the project. Each time possible, I'm letting transgressions happen because my musical approach is build on the error theory, one mistake is not more a mistake when it's repeat twice, it help to improve the meta compilation. Or should I say mutant compilation ?
It’s very important to remember Necktar 2017 was for a big part an experiment on self generation using allready that same old singular (not that much if you check the list of netlabels here necktar.info/Over/Or/ whom who create comps are made in the same wood) concierge. It's important to keep in mind thus there is no leader or master owner or anything else than someone trying to listen the best possible every contributors. Well I also try to listen what is growing up like a kind of potter but my hands are yours. Indeed from the instant before the project is create, like every dowser I imagine that there will be at a certain time a certain seed which will grow up. And then with a lot of help of my sound friends we digg it out, and at some you can drink the nectar, breath the light explosion, or feel the dying world ressurected ? 

B-Side Logbook.

First track received on this side was a tricky one to get. But this was a good lesson.
A very relevant example of humanity, Charles contacted me before the first send for side A, to ask me if he could send me a track. After my positive reply he sent a long track very enjoyable as a begining despite a quite long lengh 42 mn 24 or « Look At » and told me to choose. We talked a lot about it. He wrote « Look At » lyrics while he was hosted in London in a family from Iran. The other track « the pearl » by Antepop was a surprising live recording, the kind of things which seems impossible to happens but pop up when someone dreams alive, I mean is writing his narration with his own life, involving Williams Burroughs, children talking and making noise around and It was a perfect demonstration that music is something more to live where it is created than behind headphones. Instead « Look At » is for me the quintessence of humanity, It reminds me this core, impossible to be destroy by anything, the worst things include, you know this promethean rebel gene. I've been spending vacations in hell a while ago and I was with my guitar singing, refusing to shut up my voice. Charles said to me this track is about solidarity, I think it is also about persistence. Is it a good reason for humanity to continue ? 

L’amour vaincra, Love will win, or when the children talk innocently with the wisdom of that wise old guy, who knows this truth, doing like if they are talking of a Happy End, when it’s about quantic physics and multiverse. Do you get the side ?

Love is the name, but in french it’s nearly sounding like humour.

All shall B well is also full of cryptic humour... I can’t explain if you didn’t get it, it’s like be bewitched, if you are imune I can’t help.

Love, whatever the name we use to hide it, when you get ride of all complexity, seems quite a good reason.

The wickerman is a project usually with no track title, so I did half an exception, indeed It send me the track with a name and this number means half that name...

A good reason need to be able to be transpose in the real, well if in the future an utopia like "The Isle" (île) by Aldous Huxley is possible, perhaps, The World is not Over !

So the exoteric goal is to make one choice, but now there is KHΛOMΛN pushing on the both side. He asked me about it nearly at the public start of the project. Next there is Reflex Condition doing it too. And also ZUMAIA did it. Myself I planned since the begining to cheat this rule by using several of my projects to keep pushing equally on both sides. More because as concierge I worried to influence more than other contributors. Also I say « cheat », but it would not be really that because for each project I asked myself the question. So for me it’s obvious that the one track rule is no more necessary, despite it’s important to question ourself about this choice. I hope it's not a way to avoid to choose but much more the demonstration that we are multi sided inside like thru time we evolute.

Macrocosmos and microcosmos, if I ask this question about humanity fate. I asked as well this question to myself, shall I live or die ? And as far as I know, there is no way to live till there is the fear of the death. Because everything, every choices, are more or less done to avoid the death. We can try to hide this, but till this is right, there is no way to live, we just avoid to die.
Straight next we did a real choice, we can begin to work to reach this choice, to really give ourself all the necessary means.
Rebirth is... but Nidanas. It’s a chain, the way we pulse, the way we breath, when we live. Between the first birth and last death there is so many days and nights. Of course this isn’t linear, everyone who study the nature knows how a tree is growing. Everyone who studies alchemy knows the golden symetry. From the first to the last... we are all these being at any time. Life can be a linear reading, but developping free will is pushing our consciousness to a global perception. With as many point of view than beings. That’s why we can change our choices, if we focus more or less on certains of our beings we are able to set our system of value nearly from one extreme to the opposite. We are able to do choices which will be not just following our program. It’s a theory (incomplete I don't explain what is the motor, find it by yourself...), it works in the dream system so called reality where I am, but it’s a draft, a raw communication, if you need to find this, be sure to get it with your own understanding, with your own experience. And then you may find an operational system working without causal effects, no action/reaction. It may sounds crazy to prupose a tool like this as answer to this question. Perhaps I’m insane, at least a part, but it could be interesting to check it… And if this is working on the scale of one life, if humanity created her own end, it could work on her scale. Did I say that a depressive psychism seeking self-destruction always reach its goal if you let it time. Did I say the robots are programming themselves without being conscient about it ? Just because they prefer deny to be robots instead to learn how live. Well this could be a way to change the things. An april fools, a fool contamination to neutralise the humanity fate, seriously ?

Art is a process, a subconscious process, people with shizoide minds use it to compute datas. I call this people like me Reality dreamers, of course it’s write plural but it’s like truth, there is not one, but as many than dreamers. Well we will not develop this now. So I asked a question : Shall humanity Stop or Continue ?
And it took me a little of time, the project event begun the 1st april, perhaps I could have got the answer before, but there was no rush like with rational things, the process told me after the easter monday this answer :
For any good reasons on one side you will get the opposite on the other side, so it's just a question of time to get the balance. Example if you’ve got the solidarity on one side you’ve got selfishness on the other. Love on one, Hate on the other...

It reveals something which should be obvious, it’s only a belief system.

Fully relative to our own system.

We just chose to take care more of a reason on one side, labelled good or bad, but we’ve got the both in the humanity. That’s exactly life, mostly we are not one sided people, really, except if we deny it. We can lean more or less on one side by our choices, trying to use our free will. It could sounds close of the monotheist culture binary principle, it’s not. I hate exclusion, these exclusive religions do like if we must be only one sided people, and create thus the guilt and keep us with this under control. That’s undergod sickness. Everybody can experiment that the flower need as well shadow than light to grow up. Well that’s it. The opposite of these religions, inclusion, it needs also water, amalgame, if there is two side there is also a third one... an image :
I throw a coin, waiting it fall on a side, but till today it was on none of its two sides... but rolling on the edge, another side, and it could also bounce before to fall. Well, the binary system is the worst of vulgarisation, really, if you want to make the things simple, just keep one side, love for example. But if you want to talk no bullshit the infinite is just behind everything.

So we know the answer to the question : to balance… and choose : if you want it.

Few might noticed that the trailer quote sample about "being govern by insane people" is issue from a video of War is Over! next in the video Yokojohn explains that the system ruling us is made by us. That's why about the project question it's not relevant to answer about stop humanity or stop the system. Sorry if it's heavy to hear, but this system is here because of what is humanity. Despite some consider this system oppress us, humanity is actually with this insane system, because it's the consequence of our choices or more exactly lake of choice. Did I say that the unbalance for reason kills the dream ? Do you think the self destruction is because of this unbalance, One of our mind wings being cut out from the life experience.

What’s a pity, till today the project was balance. It could have been manipulation : how dare is it possible, that’s amazing ! It’s balance day after day ! Maybe I was just uploading the tracks only by couple. you're right I’ve done it, industrial culture is about to question how we are manipulate. But till today, there was a couple of tracks each day, one for each side !
The answer was not that much important, easy to find using the rational process. No matter what we choose till it's a real choice. Just matter to do not fake it, if we want humanity continue, we need to find the means to really live. The art process is still working further and brings other elements far more interesting.

First, why now it's unbalance ? Seems so paradoxal, but it’s so real ! 3 times 3 contributors tryed to force the balance by putting a track on each side. And then it breaks the balance ! For me it told a lot about how reality works. This kind of things like diamond sutra, nothing really come by linear & dual process. Perhaps if often when you try something only by rational way it seems work, it's just that another process makes it possible and it builds the illusion it works this way. But there is the exceptions, the singularity, and the singularity is the proof that it’s just a veil drawn by our reason to please the crazy need to get everything under control. Everything in little boxes, despite the boxes are a negation of time, entropie and negantropie, amongst other things. Few things still to write down, (if you can't wait just check the set of theme of volume 7/8/9 of Necktar 2017, and next the set of theme of volume 10 and think about we are still before volume 10) but I will add and complete the logbook on this page soon or later

The answer gave by the Process.

Why the both side are balance ?
Perhaps it’s because of the kind of confusion like A-side could be interprete like to Stop to do not change. And be side like to continue to try to change. Or it is really mostly because everyone who could try to change the world will do everything to be fair with the other side, and will do their best to avoid to kill any ennemy despite the consequences for all… And everyone who avoid to change the world will do everything to be unfair with the other side, and will do their best to kill any ennemy despite the consequences for all. Thus we can only change ourself… Do I say Yin-Yang is a symbol of balance ? Well find your own answers this logbook is just the quest of mine.