Projects of Zone fusION



Zone fusION is an underground team of seekers of sound, all coming from the contributors of Necktar 2017.

The goal of this laboratory of experimentation
is to help the next cycles of the metacompilation to be more collaborative than ever.

The idea is born obviously with the theme of Necktar 2017 volume V




The first project is the movie "Destroy this system or destroy you"
still available in free download here
It's a highly subversive film record in april 1968 by Serge Bard of the collective Zanzibar.
We have recreated all the soundtrack, and the english subtitles are now available.

The use of several tracks help the upheaval of the Necktar 2017 volume VI structure.
The full audio album is in free download here



The second project is the audio compilation "Prima Materia Retort"
now available in free download here
This is kind of decotion is an extra release of Necktar 2017 Volume 7
intended to be use as introduction of the metacompilation.
Ed End sampled most of the Volume 7 tracks and sent them to be derive by few Zone fusION members :
~UNUNE~ / ardleg / Ed End / Ethnomite Pux / KHAOMAN.  

Indeed the goal of Prima Materia Retort was to understand by experimentation how to build the Volume 10.





is another Zanzibar movie, several sessions of improvisation have been record
mostly violin and kaossilator by L'Atelier Clandestin de Transmutation.
Here is a short clip of one of the session
Here the final result of the project Triple Analoglitch Revelation

There is another soundtrack in two part by A.C.T here



The Alternative Psychedelic Experience involve only Vivid Tribe of Psychics
but in the spirit it's close of a Zone fusION artwork.







Actually one other project is nearly done:

is an Omnibus movie mixing some quite kinky short films.
This is also a bonus of the "Death/Transimission/Life : Mythos" episode of Necktar 2017

I will add more infos soon, but it's allready possible to collaborate by asking to